On October 8, in the lead up to the 2017 show, The Independent Schools Show, in conjunction with The Sunday Times, launched The Seldon List, a new annual award recognising the most important 20 figures in British education. Sir Anthony Seldon has created the list with the aim of recognising and shining a light upon some of the world’s most influential educationalists. The Seldon List will be reviewed every year.

‘Education at every level is riven by major disputes, and now more so than ever. The list of 20 contains those with punctured views on these debates, which include: whether we should be educating young people to lead a good life or merely for jobs; whether a traditional academic curriculum is suitable for all and whether it is right that it fails a third or more; and whether the state or the market should be dominant in deciding the content and delivery of education.’
Anthony Seldon

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Published: October 8, 2017


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